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…there is a small miracle in hearing the steady and gentle drip, drip, drip of the sap buckets in the early spring-time, and then weeks later, revelling at the kitchen window sill lined up with Mason jars full of Maple Syrup! Nature has many gifts to offer us - and at the very least, the simple gift of a constant and changing canvas of beauty is worthy of so much awe!

Albert Einstein once said: “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; or you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

I have tried to follow the sentiments of our dear friend Albert throughout my whole life…but not out of some contrived, rational, nor formulated philosophy, but rather as a result of the deepest, most sincere threads of my being!

I can still remember that very first “moment”…that time in one’s life when we are shaken to the quick of our being by some simple, yet profound moment of wonder and beauty. I believe some refer to this as moments of “poetic knowledge”.

I’m not sure how old I was - perhaps around 5 years old or so, but I was out in the back yard … it was a calm summer’s day, and I was laying on my stomach, arms crossed out in front of me, chin on my hands. From this ground level, I gazed along the expanse of grass as though it was an endless sprawling landscape. The subtle differences in green, the millions of blades, all slightly different, all alive and thriving in the sunshine - that was a peaceful scene. Then a very simple, very common thing occurred…(and why it struck me so strongly, I still do not know - but it did!). In one moment, the gentle breeze changed direction, and as if in a magical dance, each and every blade of grass swayed at the same time, bending and circling as the breeze drew them wherever it chose…. It literally took my breath away. I remember gasping, and being covered in goose bumps - being both exhilarated and deeply stilled all at the same time.

That was the day that I saw the “miracle in everything” … and I continue to try and do so with each and every day…

This feeling (in part) is what inspires me to create my jewellery - this feeling is what inspires me to do most things actually…

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