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...shifting light...

Well, fall is here…

This time of year we begin to turn inward. As we, here in the Northern hemisphere start to pile on sweaters and scarves, returning to the ritual of lighting the fire each morning in reaction to the outward environment, it forces us to reflect upon our inward landscape.

It’s almost as though we need to assess our strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas of our c

haracter that require fortification before we find ourselves in the bleak wind swept snow scape. It requires a strength of character, and the ability to see beauty in the simple things to remain upbeat and cheerful throughout a long, harsh winter.

It’s a challenge sensing “IT’S” approach …But there is a sort of thrill and excitement as the cold slowly mounts, the skies darken, the trees pare down, and we brace ourselves against the winds … preparing to cocoon.

The autumn, with its great gift of visual explosions seems to help set us off on the right trajectory. Even the most jaded and distracted folk cannot help but notice the raw beauty, the shift in colour and light at this time. Perhaps by keeping an appreciative eye upon the natural world as it miraculously adjusts and reacts to the angle of the sun’s light, one can abandon oneself to it all and revel in this time of chill darkening.

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