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My hubby tells me I have a “predilection”….

I do admit, that I have a bit of a “problem”…

I actually cannot help but re-arrange furniture! I’m not sure if I would go so far as to call it a predilection however (that just sounds so sketchy doesn’t it???).

Maybe this “need” to move stuff about is the result of having been an at-home Mom of 5 children for 16 years, and having a limited income. I could not go out and buy new things often (especially not new furniture)…as a friend of mine always says, my home is furnished in “early century yard sale”. Perhaps, moving things is an alternative to buying things? If you can’t change what it is…you can at least change where it is…right?!? So, this is actually a form of therapy – not a “predilection”…that’s better.

Aside from anti-consumerism therapy, maybe this need to re-work rooms, and constantly tweak how the home looks could be a simple need for a degree of (artistic) control in a busy, busy life, where we often are merely humble passengers, just hanging on and trying to bump along with the path we find ourselves on each day?

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