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...first tools...

The awl belonged to my Grandfather - Roy Duff. He was a house painter in Toronto...more on that later.

Love this tool! I can’t describe how it feels in the palm of your hand…imagine homemade soap, warm marble and buttery wood all mixed together. I use it often to sort out chain, count links, dangle things while working on them etc. The fact that it was my Grandfathers makes it all the better!

The rusty pliers were a gift from my Dad (Doug) when I left for University. A rather odd choice one might think – but even back then, he understood my need to tinker with jewelry (especially when stressed). Considering how much beer money I generated by making earrings back then … I would say they were a great call Dad! And, really, how many Dads would think to give their daughter their own little gift as they trotted off to further their education?

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