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...about Annie...

PAX means "peace" in Latin, and my jewellery strives to express (& share) the deep sense of awe, wonder & peace that I experience in the smallest & simplest of things in this wonderful life with all of its harmonies & juxtapositions.

I create this handmade artisan jewellery in my country studio, just East of Peterborough, Ontario, where I live with my carpenter husband, our 5 children, and various oddments of animals, in a quirky, rambling farm house - that to the chagrin of my family, I have re-painted hundreds of times, & filled with trees, sticks, birch bark, rocks, &  of course ... love.

I work with sterling silver, gold, bronze, brass, & rose gold, along with semi precious gems, fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals, sea glass, barn board, birch bark, concrete, Herkimer diamonds, & even sticks & stones.  My favourite gems are faceted Labradorite & Aquamarine.


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funky, earthy, rustic, feminine, organic, elegant, handmade artisan jewellery

...wishing you peaceful moments where you are able to pause, and enjoy 
the multitude of tiny, everyday wonders we are surrounded by ...

Life is funny!!!

 Some of my very first memories are of  "playing with"  jewellery - messing about in my mother's vintage white jewellery box with the red satin lining.  Since then I have consistantly been working with jewellery in some capacity or another.  However, it is only now, after having had several careers (pottery, floral design, picture framing and teaching), along with having put a bit of milage on this "old Ford" ... that I have come full circle, and am happily creating my artisan jewellery full time.


funky jewellery, rustic jewellery, earthy jewellery, feminine, jewellery, boho jewellery, organic jewellery, elegant handmade artisan jewellery

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